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Doc, I finally have the Harley-Davidson I used to dream about. As a child, my uncle would bring me bike magazines to look at the choppers. So, now I am astride a 2011 Wide Glide and it goes fast but the suspension is not so good. I am becoming a faster rider and want to corner better at speed. My friend said you could recommend some upgrade parts.

– Carbon

I’m happy that you have finally achieved your dream, Carbon. Before you go too fast though mate, if you haven’t already done so, please attend an advanced riding course. This will allow you to corner much faster but safer too. To improve your bike’s handling I recommend firstly that you have fitted a set of Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators. My wife and I have run them for years in our various bikes with great results. Here’s what Race Tech has to say of its product …

“Harley-Davidson damping-rod-style forks are notorious for being both too harsh and too mushy. Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators fix these problems by controlling the motion with a tuneable valve that sits on top of the damping rod. They are held in place by the main fork springs.

“Simply put, the emulators make damping-rod forks perform like well-tuned cartridge forks and installation is simple.”

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