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Doc, I had some reversals in my retirement portfolio and had to sell my Twin Cam and I’m now slumming around on an Evo Ultra I bought from a deceased estate. It has 152,000km on the clock and doesn’t run very well, but it doesn’t seem to use any oil either. I don’t know how to get it going better with my limited (for a while, anyway) budget. It has an EV3 cam and some slip-on mufflers, but that’s about all I can say. Someone suggested the carb might need rebuilding. Can you point me in a direction, preferably one that won’t blow my budget?

– Don

Don, I asked Neville Lush of Neville Lush Racing, who is a gun tuner of all things two wheels, what he thought about your situation. This is what he said … “Doc, there could be many things wrong but certainly on any Evo that has done more than 30,000km the carby slide will almost certainly be worn. My recommendation would be to fit a Thunderslide kit to the carb and tune the bike. “I have done this for many Evo owners and it comes in fairly economically at around $450 all up.”

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