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Publisher & Editor - Neale Brumby
Brum has the cosiest job of all. He gets all the glory and gets to do most of the fun bits for the mag. He is a long term Harley tragic who knows the industry inside out. Still has ridiculous ideas that he is a gun rider and refuses to understand why he can't stay 21 forever!

Publisher & Production Manager - Vivienne Brumby
Viv has been in publishing for over 20 years. She’s the one that makes it all come together in the end and if you want something done Viv’s the one to see. She’s had a bike license since her early 20s and just loves everything Harley.

Art Director - Craig Fryers
Craig came to us in 2003 after six years as Art Director at Australian Motorcycle News (AMCN). He's added a lot of new ideas and a professional look to HEAVY DUTY magazine, but still hasn't done the Sturgis ride with us ... yet!

Staff Journalist – Aiden Brumby
Aiden is the young blood at HEAVY DUTY! Currently riding our Forty Eight Sportster as his daily commute, Aiden is everything we were in our younger crazy days with fresh enthusiasm. With a BA behind him, we are excited to have young energy in the office! 

Associate & Technical Editor - Doc Robinson 

Doc gives the magazine vast amounts of credibility. He is a walking almanac of all things H-D and v-twin, and loves nothing more than getting out on the road, particularly if it involves a destination more than two days away. The backbone of HEAVY DUTY, Doc loves a beer, a pretty girl and a fast Harley, preferably all at once. Oh yeah, ALWAYS has more pics in each issue than anyone else.

Cyber Cycles – Mike “Tex” Hess

Tex is a genuine Texan who lived here in Australia for 24 years riding every bit of it. He’s now back in the USA taking up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado so he could buy a 2012 Road Glide Ultra. In the first six months he managed to cover 16,000 kms from Sturgis to New York City for 9/11/11. Now he’s planning on riding the rest of it and write a little on snowy days.

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